It’s a known fact that motivation is short lived and must be constantly replenished if it’s to be of any use.

You could think of it as fuel used to fill up your motivation tanks that provide you with that extra push to keep going, especially when faced with various obstacles.

Obstacles such as having a lack of enthusiasm to consistently workout, or not sticking to a healthy diet, or making excuses where there are none.

There are several ways to replenish your motivation levels.

Using inspiring fitness motivation quotes is an excellent option that can give you that boost needed to blast through most obstacles.

I’ve provided 20 of the top workout motivation quotes you can tap into when you need that extra push.

Let’s cover them now…

1)) Each New Day Is A New Opportunity To Improve Yourself. Take It. And Make The Most Of It. -

2)) Success Isn't Always About Greatness. It's About Consistency. Consistent Hard Work Gains Success. Greatness Will Come. - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

3)) Champions Aren't Made In The Gyms. Champions Are Made From Something They Have Deep Inside Them - A Desire, A Dream, A Vision. - Muhammad Ali

4)) Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress. Stay Positive And Don't Give Up.- Unknown

5)) You Have To Remember Something: Everybody Pities The Weak; Jealousy You Have To Earn. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

6)) There’s No Secret Formula. I Lift Heavy, Work Hard, And Aim To Be The Best. - Ronnie Coleman (Former Mr. Olympia)

7)) Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure. This Is The Way To Succeed. - LeBron James

8)) A Lot Of Times People Look At The Negative Side Of What They Feel They Can't Do. I Always Look On The Positive Of What I Can Do. - Chuck Norris

9)) Don't Train To Be Skinny. Train To Be A Bad Ass. - Demi Lovato

10)) Don't Only Train Your Body. Train Your Mind Not To Quit. - Posthood

11)) Your Fitness Is 100% Mental. Your Body Won't Go Where Your Mind Doesn't Push It. - Unknown

12)) The Best Investment You Can Ever Make Is In Your Own Health. - Live.Better

13)) It Hurts Now But One Day It Will Be Your Warm Up. - Unknown

14)) Nobody Is Perfect, So Get Over The Fear Of Being Or Doing Everything Perfectly. Besides, Perfect Is Boring. Today, Instead Of Picking Yourself Apart In The Mirror Or With Friends Over Drinks, Start Seeing Your "Imperfections" As Unique Traits That Give You Character And Dimension, Because That's Exactly What They Are. - Jillian Michaels

15)) Fitness: If It Came In A Bottle, Everybody Would Have A Great Body. - CHER

16)) If You Ever Lack The Motivation To Train Then Think What Happens To Your Mind & Body When You Don’t. Shifu Yan Lei

17)) Today I Will Do What Others Won’t, So Tomorrow I Can Accomplish What Others Can’t. Jerry Rice

18)) I’ve Always Believed That If You Put In The Work, The Results Will Come. – Michael Jordan

19)) If You Turn Up Worrying About How You’re Going To Perform, You’ve Already Lost. Train Hard, Turn Up, Run Your Best And The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself. – Usain Bolt

20)) Everything Is Possible As Long As You Put Your Mind To It And You Put The Work And Time Into It. – Michael Phelps


While I’ve provided 20 Workout Motivation Quotes, there’s an almost infinite number at your disposal, which can be tapped into anytime you’re struggling.

Quotes are great for jump-starting your emotions when you’re feeling down.

I recommend searching for and making your own list of fitness motivation quotes that positively resonates with your emotions.

Some folks think that quotes are silly, but I believe they can provide you some mental fuel right when you need it.

You should be proactive in your approach to using quotes to uplift your mood by reading them aloud multiple times per day (e.g. morning, noon, evening).

Doing so will allow you to keep your motivation tanks full.

If you’ve never used quotes to provide that extra drive, then start today!