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Benefits Of Resistance Training

It's not always easy to start a new workout routine. In fact, it can be downright difficult and intimidating. Especially, when you don't see immediate results. But that's where resistance training comes in. It may not be flashy or sexy, but it works extremely well. It can help you burn fat, build...

3 Tips For Consistent Muscle Growth

Have you been putting your all into working out, but still not making any progress? This is a very common and frustrating problem faced by millions of people who want to get fit. This lack of progress is one of the reasons that cause people to stop exercising. Applying a few techniques can help...

4 Post Workout Recovery Tips That Can Increase Muscle Tone

One of the most important aspects of working out that a lot of people usually don't consider is recovery. What they don't realize is that our muscles aren't actually built during the workout. Instead, they're built during periods of rest, relaxation, and while we're asleep. If you aren't waiting...

3 Steps To Get Six Pack Abs

Have you noticed that out of all the body parts, six pack abs is the most heavily marketed promise in the health and wellness industry? Yes, other body parts such as the glutes comes in at a close second place, but nonetheless all you hear people talk about is abs this and abs that. Open any...

Using Resistance Training To Lose Weight

For decades, there's been a huge misconception in the general population about the best way to lose weight and burn body fat. Which do you believe is more effective in dropping those extra pounds, cardio or resistance training? You most likely choose cardio as your answer. If you believe that...

15 Fun Ways To Exercise

Exercising may or may not be on your list of fun activities, and some people believe that it's a necessary evil. The way you approach exercise has a lot to do with how you think about it. Obviously, viewing any situation through a negative lens will almost always produce negative results. Living...

Top 10 Medicine Ball Workout Exercises To Burn Fat

When it comes to working out, there are an infinite number of ways to approach exercising. I'm not one to waste time debating about such things as what piece of equipment is better, what exercise movement is more effective, how long should you do this, and all the other craziness that goes on in...
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