So many people in today’s world of uncertainty are suffering from anxiety and for good reasons…

Reasons including the Loss of Jobs, Loss of 401ks, No Pensions, and Increases in the cost Education, Increases in the Cost of Living, Decreases in Pay, and the list goes on.

The text book definition of anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Anxiety is a natural emotion, but if you don’t manage it by conditioning your mind to understand the fact you can’t control the outcome of everything thing in your life, you’ll be okay.

Ways To Tell If You Maybe Suffering From Anxiety?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you may be a victim of anxiety attacks.

  • Do You Feel Fatigued Because You Constantly Worry About Things?
  • Are You Unable To Sleep At Night Or Wake Up In A Cold Sweat?
  • Are You At A Point In Which You Feel As If You Aren’t Able To Function In Everyday Society?
  • Do You Frequently Experience Diarrhea?
  • Do You Feel Tightness In Your Chest As If Your Heart Is Going To Pop Out Of It?
  • Do You Push Your Loved Ones Away?

While I’m not here to make any diagnoses, it’s pretty straight forward in my opinion that if you worry a lot and answered yes to some of the questions above, chances are you probably are suffering from anxiety.

If you are experiencing chest pains, that could be a sign of heart disease and of course you’d want to see your doctor.

I don’t expect you to completely base your health on my articles as that would be foolish of anyone, including myself.

I’m merely providing you with the warning signs and possible symptoms.

Here’s 7 Quick Tips For Reducing Anxiety

1. Get and stay organized.

2. Plan your week and be flexible for those unexpected events that show up in life.

3. Perform resistance and cardio training at least 3 times per week to reduce stress levels.

4. Be social and spend time with your family and friends as this will add balance to your life and make your happy.

5. Reward yourself for accomplishing your most important weekly goals.

6. Write down and speak out loud some powerful affirmations to keep you focused and motivated.

7. Supplement your diet with natural herbs that help to fight anxiety.

Anxiety is something that you definitely want to get under control because left untreated could lead to stomach ulcers due to all the acid that’s created during high stress levels, depression, and a host of other unwanted issues with your health.

Hope you found my article helpful!

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