Can you really lose a significant amount of weight by exercising at home or is going to the gym more effective?

Another great debate that’s been going on for decades.

It’s absolutely amazing what the fitness gurus fight over.

In my opinion, your weight loss results are determined by you and not some piece of equipment, whether it’s located at a gym or at home.

Your body doesn’t care where it performs lunges or a bicep curl…

All that it knows is that you are working your muscles, which is where your weight loss results will become a reality.

Don’t ever get hung up on location, just focus on getting your daily workouts done and increasing your intensity levels a little at a time…

As long as you’re consistent with your diet and exercise, you will drop those pounds.

My ongoing theme has always been to keep things simple.

Let’s jump right in…

Examples Of Bodyweight Exercises That You Can Perform At Home:

NOTE: I’ve listed bodyweight exercises in this article because not everyone has

fitness equipment at home. I want to make people aware that there should be no reason to not stay in shape.

Exericise 1: Squats
Exericise 2: Lunges
Exericise 3: Standing Calf Raises
Exericise 4: Seated Calf Raises (Pressing Downward On Knees)
Exericise 5: Push-ups (Beginners | Knees bent) & Advanced
Exericise 6: Reverse Triceps Extensions
Exericise 7: Wall Presses
Exericise 8: Lying Crunches
Exericise 9 : Wall Sits
Exericise 10: Burpees
Exericise 11: Tuck Jump
Exericise 12: Bear Crawls
Exericise 13: Step-Ups (Love these)
Exericise 14: Donkey Kicks
Exericise 15: Triceps Dips (Using a chair)
Exericise 16: Lying Bicycles
Exericise 17: Bridge

And So On.

The number of exercises that you can perform at home (with no equipment) is almost limitless.

I just wanted to provide you with a sampling of what’s available in terms of exercises that you can use to lose weight.

Tips That Can Increase Your Weight Loss

Tip 1: Perform higher repetitions with less weight (Target Range: 15 to 25 REPS)

Tip 2: Take shorter rest periods in between sets and exercises

Tip 3: Perform multiple exercises in a row (known as Circuit Training, Super & Giant sets)

Tip 4: Combine Resistance Training with Cardio Training

There you have it, a short list of highly effective bodyweight exercises that you can perform at home along with a few tips to enhance your weight loss efforts.

Don’t complicate this, just begin applying the tips that I’ve listed because the most important thing you can do at this moment is take action!

So get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!