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Barry Sizemore

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Fitness Benefits Of Kayaking

Most people find exercise to be boring and not mention physically demanding. Fortunately, there are countless ways to get fit, and discovering the type of workout that will get you excited is simply a matter of trying different things. For example, some people like working out...

7 Tips To Become A Better Archer

Whether you have already started your journey towards mastering the art of archery or haven't touched a bow and arrow in your life, really doesn't matter when it comes to improving. In order to become good or even great in anything, you must master the basic fundamental techniques. Fundamentals...

4 Benefits Of Owning An RV You May Not Have Thought Of

If you know someone who owns an RV, you've most likely witnessed how excited they get right before going on their road adventure. RVs are rapidly increasing in popularity, and for many reasons, in which you'll learn about today. One of the most obvious reasons for owning an RV is to escape the...

The 7 Types Of Archery Explained

Archery may seem like nothing more than bow and arrows, but there's more to this sport than meets the eye. There are several different types of archery out there, some better suited for beginners than others. Archery like golf is such a mental game that requires months and...

How To Choose A Kayak For Beginners

Have you been considering taking up the hobby of kayaking, but aren't sure of what type to invest in? It's understandable that buying a kayak can be confusing when you're new to the sport. With so many different kinds on the market, how do you choose which type is best for you? I know, the more...

Top 10 RV Trips You Must Take In America

Have you been contemplating where to take your next RV adventure, but are struggling with where to go? Believe it or not, thousands of road warriors are plagued with this same dilemma, even though there's no shortage of breathtaking places that can be visited. Today, I'm going to...

Scrapbooking Supplies For Beginners

Are you considering taking up scrapbooking as a hobby, but have no idea where to start your journey? Browsing through the supplies at a scrapbooking store can be overwhelming as you stare at thousands of options. With so many items to choose from, it's easy to purchase supplies you may not need...
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