Are you familiar with weight loss motivation? If not, let me start by defining it for you:

Weight loss motivation simply means the reasons that cause you to want to lose weight.

For example, let’s say that you want to fit into a particular outfit to attend your high school reunion, that would be your weight loss motivation.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated on your own, why not tap into the many weight loss success stories of others?

Now that you know what weight loss motivation means, let me share with you the 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Weight Loss Stories For Motivation.

Read on for the eye-opening details…

Reason 1: Power To influence Your Emotions And Behavior

A great weight loss story that resonates with you really does have the power to positively affect you emotionally and push you to change your behavior for the better.

For example; if you read or watch a person tell their weight loss transformation story, especially if they were around the same size as you and lived a similar lifestyle, you would instantly be able to relate.

This instant connection would cause you to be drawn into their story and hang on to their every word with anticipation.

The beauty of this dynamic is that you’d be more willing to apply the tidbits of wisdom that they share in their story to your own unique situation.

Do you see how powerful their influence could be?

Reason 2: Ignites Your Enthusiasm To Take Action

You know that enthusiasm can boost your energy levels into the stratosphere, which is great to get you up and moving towards your weight loss goals.

I challenge you to watch several weight loss transformation videos where people share their journeys and not get motivated to tackle your own fitness goals.

Reason 3: Allows You To See What's Possible

You may be just starting your weight loss journey or have attempted many times in the past, but have given up on your fitness goals, because it seemed impossible.

I’m here to inform you that you’re not alone.

Millions of people have been where you are, some have given up, and some have broken through barriers and have succeeded in their weight loss pursuits.

The good news is that chances are you have the choice to decide whether to give up or move forward.

Reading and watching motivational weight loss stories will reveal to you what’s possible to achieve, because others have done it, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

Reason 4: Catapult Your Weight Loss Momentum

The unfortunate truth about motivation is that its effect is temporary, meaning that like the gasoline you put into a vehicle, you must constantly replenish it, otherwise it’ll fizzle out.

While I don’t advise you to strictly use motivation as your mental fuel to boost momentum, it’s great when used in conjunction with other methods such as strengthening your mindset, working with an accountability partner and so on.

Motivational weight loss stories provide you with more than enough motivation to boost your momentum.

Reason 5: Gives You Drive Without Waiting For Someone Else To Push You

The next best thing to having an accountability partner and other support is to watch motivational weight loss stories in order to draw off of their drive.

Your mind is powerful and there’s nothing wrong with using it in creative ways to accomplish your fitness goals.

If watching or reading someone else’s transformational story helps to provide you with the drive you need to move yourself towards the body that you dream of, then by all means go for it!


You just learned 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Weight Loss Stories For Motivation.

And now there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action.

I know you’ve been here before, may be many times before.

But that’s alright…

Maybe you’ve even started your weight loss journey, but it just didn’t work out. But this time it’s going to be different. And that’s because this time you’re going to draw of the positive wisdom, knowledge, and positivity of all the folks whom have conquered their weight loss challenges and have won!

You can do this. You deserve this.

So go ahead and get started now, because your new body is waiting for you!

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