Everyone says that we must all be grateful for the things that we do have, especially when we are going through the most challenging times of our lives.

I have to be honest; I personally have a tough time automatically looking at the things that I’m grateful for when I’m going through a really rough patch in my life.

Notice that I said I have a tough time, I didn’t say I don’t.

It’s human nature to gravitate towards the emotions that you’re feeling…

For example, if you’re feeling negative, you’ll tend to be a bad mood and filter everything through a negative lens.

For example, if you’re in a good mood, you’ll usually filter everything through a positive lens.

My point is that when your life is tough; force yourself to look at the things you’re grateful for, because your mind will not automatically do it on its own.

Before we begin let me briefly define what gratitude means…

Definition of Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Example; Brenda thanked her personal trainer for helping her to lose 5 pounds last month.

Now that you know the true definition of gratitude, let’s get into the 3 Ways To Use Gratitude To Lose Weight

WAY 1: Think About All The Good Things In Your Life

Like I mentioned earlier, your mind will not automatically think about all the positive things that you do have going on in your life when you’re facing challenges.

So the best way to consciously control your focus towards what you’re grateful for is to make a simple list.

Here’s an example list.

Example 1: To be alive

Example 2: For the fact that all of my loved ones woke up today

Example 3: To have a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothing

Example 4: To have the opportunity to lose weight and transform my life

Now your turn, make your own list!

WAY 2: Compare Where You Came From To The Present

I know that the majority of us are not exactly where we want to be in our lives, because this world is filled with all types of obstacles and barriers, man-made and self-imposed.

Even if you’re not where you want to be in life, ask yourself if you’ve made progress.

For example, let’s say that the home you grew up in was a small 1000 square feet run-down 1-level and falling apart, but the home you live in now is much nicer, 2000 square feet, 2-levels, but is not a mansion.

That’s progress!

Simply look at where you’ve come from and where you are now!

WAY 3: Tap Into The Strength Of Those Who Have Bigger Challenges

Unfortunately, there are people that have bigger challenges than we could imagine going through.

There are people that have cancer, amputees, living in poverty, homeless, and the list goes on.

When you are facing challenges in your life and start falling off, not working out, and not eating properly, think about the powerful strength of those that are dealing with bigger challenges than you.

Look at it from a point of view of if they are able to wake up every single day and face their hardships, so can you especially if you don’t have to endure those unimaginable circumstances.

After looking at it from this standpoint, it’s almost impossible to not feel grateful for what you do have in your life.

We can learn a lot from the folks that face these unimaginable circumstances.


You just discovered 3 Ways To Use Gratitude To Lose Weight.

Gratitude can be a powerful force in combating challenges and a negative attitude, which causes you to not stay committed to your diet and workout routine.

Start implementing those 3 ways of using gratitude and watch how you begin to break through barriers.

I recommend that you implement them even when everything in your life is going well in order to remain grateful 24/7.

3 Steps On How To Use Gratitude To Lose Weight!

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