To make your weight loss journey as successful as possible, it’s just plain smart to implement as many easy-to-apply and maintain strategies as you can without becoming overwhelmed.

One of the best ways to almost guarantee that you’ll stay on track is to implement a Weight Loss Rewards Plan.

A weight loss rewards system is nothing more than simply setting goals and then rewarding yourself for hitting your targets.

And usually the rewards are in direct proportion to the size of the goals that you reach.

For example, let’s say that you reached your goal of losing 4 pounds for the month; you’d then reward yourself with a nice message or a pair of mid-priced shoes.

Remember, the reward should fit the goal reached.

Let’s say that you reached your target goal of losing 50 pounds, then your reward should be bigger. For reaching a huge milestone like that, you could reward yourself with a fine piece of jewelry or a vacation.

Now that you know what a weight loss rewards plan is, let me share with you 3 Tips To Help Make Your Weight Loss Rewards Plan A Super Success.

Let’s unpack this…

TIP 1: View Your Rewards Program Daily

Stay focused on your goals and rewards by viewing them every day, because doing so will keep them in the forefront of your mind. Remember, whatever you focus on, you tend to gravitate towards it.

TIP 2: Share Your Rewards Plan With Family And Friends

Share your rewards plan with your friends and family to see if they’d like to develop their own. I caution you to not force this concept on them, because you do not want to push them away. However, if they’re genuinely interested please share because this will really get you motivated and make you want to be more discipline on following through on your diet and exercise commitments.

TIP 3: Spread Your Consumption Of Rewards Over A Few Days

Don’t eat all the servings at once, instead spread them out over a few days. Remember, in order to lose weight on a daily basis, you must consume less calories than your body needs, which is needed to create a deficit. And if you don’t abide by this rule, you’ll most likely consume more calories than your body needs and as a result will gain weight.


You just discovered 3 Tips To Help Make Your Weight Loss Rewards Plan A Super Success!

The reason the weight loss rewards plan strategy is so effective is because for our whole lives we’ve been programmed to expect some type of reward when we’ve successfully completed a task or accomplished a goal.

For example, adults are rewarded by their employers after performing well on the job with raises or bonuses. Athletes are rewarded things such as trophies and more money if they’re at the pro-level. Kids are rewarded by their parents in the form of an allowance for completing their chores and getting good grades.

If the reward system works in all those other situations, why not use it to melt off your extra pounds and change your life?

I highly encourage you to implement your own rewards plan starting today!

How To Reward Yourself To Weight Loss!

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  • Example list of rewards you can model.
  • Tips to help you make your rewards plan a super success.

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