I have no doubt that you’ve heard about the phrase called portion control. According to the Mayo Clinic, a portion is an amount of food on your plate. A serving is a specific amount of food that equals a certain number of calories.

It’s no secret that the more food a person has available for consumption on their plate, the more of it they’ll be tempted to eat.

That’s just human nature…

It’s pretty difficult to leave part of your favorite foods on your plate, because your taste buds are begging to be satisfied.

You are about to learn 3 Tips On How To Use Your Kitchen Dishes To Control Your Food Intake.

These tips are based upon using your dishes and cookware to trick your mind into thinking that you are consuming your usual bigger sized portions.

This really is a neat and usual way to approach weight loss.

Let’s unwrap this…

TIP 1: Cook Meals In Smaller Cookware

Preparing your meals in smaller cookware forces you to make less food, which can go a long way towards not overeating. Let’s be honest, the more food that’s available, usually the more of it we’ll consume, especially if it’s among your favorite meals.

It really is that this simple.

TIP 2: Eat Off Of Smaller Plates

For the same reason that you prepare your meals in smaller cookware, is the same for consuming them on smaller plates. Remember, the more scrumptious food that you have on your plate due to the plate being larger, the more of it you’ll eat.

TIP 3: Drink Out Of Smaller Glasses

If you plan on consuming some type of sugary beverage such as a soda, you should use a much smaller glass to do so.

Sugary drinks offer no positive nutritional value, and if you aren’t able to shake your addition, then the next best thing to do is limit your consumption of them…

And what better way to do so than to use smaller glasses?


You just learned the 3 Tips On How To Use Your Kitchen Dishes To Control Your Food Intake.

This concept is very simple but very powerful, if you apply it.

I know that you may be thinking, “What if I’m still hungry?”

Answer: Eat slower; take the time to chew your food as this allows your mind to accurately monitor your intake and tells you when you’re full as opposed to eating too fast causing your brain to not be able to accurately tell when you’re full, which leads to over-eating.

I recommend that you began applying these 3 simple tips starting today and then watch how you’ll start losing weight!

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