Motivation is a short-lived burst of mental energy that needs to be replenished as often as possible…

Think of motivation as fuel that you fill your mental tanks up with, just as you would put gas in your vehicle.

And if you don’t consciously make an effort to fill your tanks back up, you will run out of mental gas.

Motivation isn’t like a conviction where you’re on a mission, which automatically drives you to get the job done.

When you are on a mission, you are automatically driven by those goals and will not stop at nothing until you accomplish them.

While motivation maybe a short-term mental energy boost, it is extremely powerful when used in conjunction with our other four Fat-Busting components (Mindset, Diet, Cardio, and Resistance Training).

Since motivation burns off much like the gas in your vehicle, I’m going to share with you 3 Tips On How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight.

Let’s get it done…

TIP 1: Participate In A Local Sporting Event

Getting involved with local sporting events is a great way to support positive causes that are created with the intent of helping out the local community.

These events raise money for outreach programs such as feeding those that are down on their luck, school programs, cancer, and so on.

You will not only benefit by getting into to the best shape of your life so that you can run those mini-marathons, but feel good about the fact that you doing something positive for those that need help in your community.

How cool is that?

Everyone involved gets to benefit in one way or another.

By the way, you could even make some new friends that are into health and fitness, which means you’ll be able to create a support group.

That brings us to the next tips…

TIP 2: Get A Workout Buddy

A workout buddy or as I like to call them, an Accountability Partner is one of the absolute best ways to make progress towards your weight loss goals, and for obvious reasons.

You can help motivate each other, especially when your mind is telling you it doesn’t feel like working out.

Your accountability partner can motivate you to push beyond your normal capabilities within reason, which will cause you to make faster progress, providing that you don’t over train.

If you don’t have a workout buddy, I advise you to get one or more ASAP, because the investment in time and energy that you make in one another will be worth it.

TIP 3: Make A Public Commitment

Informing your family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to accomplish certain goals is the ultimate public commitment, because if you don’t reach them, you’ll have to take the “Walk Of Shame!”

The key to not setting yourself up for failure is to make sure that you set realistic goals. A realistic weight goal for the average person is to lose between 1 to 1 ½ pounds of fat per week, which is very doable.

Knowing that fact, a realistic goal that you could confidently declare publicly would be losing between 4 to 6 pounds of body fat in the next 30 days…

Now, that’s doable if you are certain you’ll commit to not missing any of your workouts and eating properly.

Making a public commitment is a great way to get motivated, because once you put it out there, you can’t take it back.

KEY: Only make your public commitments to those that are supportive, otherwise you run the risk of negative feedback from those that aren’t. The supportive people in your life will still encourage you to continue striving towards your weight loss goals and the negative people never wanted to see you succeed in the first place.


You just learned 3 Tips On How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight.

If you simply applied these 3 tips alone, you’ll start making great progress towards keeping your motivation tanks full and losing weight at the same time.

Begin applying these tips starting today!

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