Do you frequently suffer from negative thoughts? Are these thoughts draining your mental and physical energy? And do you ever wish that you could eliminate them, or at least control them so that you can function in during your everyday life?

If so, you’re not alone. And fortunately, you can, which happens to be easier than you think with a little practice.

I don’t believe in magic bullet solutions, because issues and challenges could take time to resolve or at least get under control.

I will share with you 3 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts in this article.

Let’s get started…

TIP 1: Immediately Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones

Positive thoughts are just a strong as negative thoughts and are polar opposites. The key difference is that the negative ones take energy away from you and the positive thoughts make you feel energetic.

One simple solution to help you get rid of your negative thoughts in the moment is to immediately think of some happy past experiences that left positive memories anchored in your mind.

For example, you could think about the time you went on vacation with your family to Disneyland, a camping trip, the time you successfully lost weight, the day your little one was born, the purchase of your first home, the day you got married, purchased your dream car, graduated from college, and  so on.

If you practice replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones in this manner, you’ll be able to put yourself into a good mood almost on-demand.

TIP 2: Make A List Of On-Demand Positive Thoughts

If you’re really serious about being able to put yourself into a positive mood on-demand, then I highly recommend that write down or type out a list of your favorite happy past positive experiences and memories.

If I were you, I’d store the list in my smartphone, for a truly on-demand experience.

You may think that making this list is overkill and why write them down when you could just rely on your memory when you’re in a negative mood.

The problem with relying on your memory during those moments when you feel negative, chances are you’re not going to be in the mood to force yourself to recall those past positive memories.

It’s human nature to automatically be drawn to negative thoughts when we feel stressed and going through hard times.

To prevent going further into a negative state, immediately read your list of positive experiences and memories to combat those emotions.

TIP 3: Develop The Habit Of Reading Your Positive Thoughts List

So far, I’ve instructed you to read your positive experiences and memories list during those moments when you are in a negative state of mind.

Let’s take this to a deeper level now.

If you want to truly control how you feel on a daily basis, why wait until you’re in a negative mood to read your list.

I recommend that you read your list on a daily basis first thing in the morning so that you start your day from a position of strength.

This way, you’ll already be in a positive state of mind, which means that you can decrease your chances of going into a negative mood.

Do you see how this work?

Why Is It Critical To Combat A Negative Mood To Prevent Weight Gain?

It’s no secret that some people crave unhealthy foods when they are stressed out. We all know that sugary foods are addictive and are the first things that we desire during our times of being in a negative mood.

So, if you want to prevent or reduce your sweet tooth cravings and stop yourself from putting on extra pounds while you’re stressed out, then learn how to control your emotions so that you'll crave healthier foods.

And controlling your negative emotions are as simple as reading your positive experiences and memories list.

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Congratulations, as you just learned 3 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts!

In the beginning of this article, I stated that I don’t believe in magic bullet solutions.

And my point is that I’m not saying that you’ll be able to solve all of your problems and get yourself out of every negative state, because that’ll depend upon the severity of the problem or challenge.

For example; if there’s a death in the family, simply reading your list may or may not help, because as humans, we have to grieve our loved ones passing, as there’s no way around that.

However, no matter how serious your situation may be, I still highly recommend reading your list of positive experiences and memories to combat negative emotions.

I hope that this article helps!

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