Do you have those days where you just don’t feel like working out? If so, you’re not alone because millions of people experience this lack of workout motivation on a daily basis.

What separates those that push through this barrier is their mindset.

Our minds control everything in our bodies, and if you want to blast through those negative mental barriers that’s telling you not to work out, then you must learn how to control it.

Fortunately for you, I’m going to share 3 Tips For Getting Into A Workout Mindset.

Let’s jump right in…

TIP 1: Focus On Your Most Important Fitness Goals

Since losing weight and getting into shape is a process that takes time, you understand that you’re embarking upon a journey and you must have patience in order to follow through on your commitment.

You understand there’s no instant gratification, so when the going gets tough all that you have to do is focus on what the outcome is going to be, instead of focusing on what you have to go through.

For example, let’s say that this week you didn’t lose any weight. You could either give up and say that the process doesn’t work or you could look at your list of goals you’ll be able to cross off if you continue to push through.

Example Goals:

  • Lose 20 pounds of body fat
  • Fit into your old outfits
  • Feel more energetic
  • Be able to participate in your favorite sports
  • Feel confident and sexy again
  • Love yourself
  • Get compliments from your significant other
  • Get compliments from family members, friends, and co-workers
  • And so on

Do you see how focusing on your most important fitness goals can change your attitude and mindset to make you want to NOT miss your workouts?

TIP 2: What Would Be The Outcome If You Gave Up?

Most of us have come to understand that fear is the greatest motivator there is and you can use it to your advantage.

During those days that you don’t feel like working out, ask yourself the following question:

What would be the outcome if I don’t work out?


  • I’ll remain overweight and unhappy with my appearance
  • I’ll continue to be the butt of all the fat jokes
  • I’ll increase my chances of developing diseases
  • I may decrease my lifespan and not be around to watch my grand kids grow up
  • I won’t have the energy to go out and do the activities I enjoy
  • My significant other may not be attracted to me anymore
  • And so on

This isn’t about being negative, it’s about acknowledging the fact of what the outcome will most liking be if you give up on your fitness program.

It’s all about how you look at it.

I recommend that you make your own list and read it when you feel like giving up and I bet you will feel a fire being lit underneath your feet.

TIP 3: Visualize What Your New Body Will Look Like

Visualization has been used for centuries and the reason is because when practiced consistently, it just simply works.

Athletes use visualization both on and off of the playing field, because they understand that creation begins in the mind and then is manifested out into the physical world.

This is a law of the universe…

I know this is a little esoteric, but we must not argue with these universal laws, because none of us can change them, so we might as well embrace them.

Anytime you are not in the mood to exercise, simply visualize what you’d like your new body to look like.

I recommend that you find some before and after photos of people that have your same body type and save them in your smart phone for easier on-demand viewing.

I don’t care how weird this may sound, just do it!

Look at those before and after photos and imagine this being you and great you’d feel in your new body.

Try to involve as many of your five senses as possible during your visualizations.

For example; close your eyes and imagine wearing the outfit you’ve always wanted to fit in, and you’re driving in a nice convertible down the coast with the top down, feeling the wind blowing through your hair, smelling the ocean breeze, your significant other has their hand on your thigh to show their affection and feeding you some sweet red grapes.

Do you see how powerful visualizing what your new body would look like could be, especially when you involve as many of your 5 senses as possible?

Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the results!


You just learned 3 Tips For Getting Into A Workout Mindset.

You should never feel guilty when you’re not in the mood to workout, because it’s natural to not want exercise every now then.

We all have a lot on our plates nowadays, with all of the daily commitments, which is enough to drive anyone insane.

The best way to deal with your overwhelming schedule in order to relieve some of your stress and give you an energy boost is to eat healthy and workout consistency.

During those days that you don’t feel like working out, simply implement at least one of the three tips that I shared with you in this article.

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