Are you familiar with the term Mental Programming? If not, let me start by defining it for you:

Definition Of Mental Programming: These are simple techniques that you implement to help you move away from situations, scenarios, environments, feelings, people, and other things you are unhappy with in your life. For example; let’s say that you were unhappy with the appearance of cellulite on your thighs.

A simple technique that you could use to help you get rid of it would be to list all the reasons why you must begin working out and eating a healthy diet. Then list all the negatives of not following through.

Lastly, list as many positive benefits you’d received by following through on your commitments. This exercise may be simple, but it’s very powerful!

The reason I wanted to define it is because I know that people may assume that the term means something entirely different…

I also know that the term is a little bit on the esoteric side, but you know that your mind is your most powerful asset in the weight loss battle.

Now that you know what Mental Programming means, let’s explore the 3 Reasons Why You Must Use Mental Programming For Permanent Weight Loss

Reason 1: The Creation Of Your New Body Begins In Your Mind

You have to visualize the way that you want your new body to look in advance, so that you can work towards manifesting it out into the physical world, through consistent diet and exercise.

Before an exercise equipment manufacturer creates a machine, they must first know its purpose; design it, what materials they need, and so on.

Otherwise, how would they know what to build?

This is the same approach that you must take when you want to lose weight…

You are in fact, mentally designing your future body.

Once you have that visual, you will be able to design a diet and workout program tailored to obtaining it.

Are you starting to get how this mental stuff works?

Reason 2: Allows You To Build Up A Mental Defense Against Negativity

When you set out on a journey to improve areas in your life, you’re going to have those that support you and the group that want to see you fail.

Unfortunately, you’re always going to have those naysayers.

However, you can if you use the following framework to help you blast through the obstacles that they put in front of you and handle their negative comments.

STEP 1: List all the reasons why you must accomplish a certain goal or eliminate a negative situation.

STEP 2: List all the negatives of not following through.

STEP 3: List as many positive benefits you’d received by following through on your commitments.

You can manipulate the above 3-Step process to fit your needs.

If you take the process serious, you’ll develop mental defense blockers, because you’ll be so focused on the three lists that you create.

Anytime that you experience negativity from the naysayers simply read your three lists to combat them.

TIP: Store your list on your smartphone for easy on-demand access.

Reason 3: Your Weight Loss Mindset Will Not Develop Automatically

Think of your mind as you would a muscle, even though it’s an organ, the concept that I’m about to explain is applicable intellectually.

If you want to make a muscle stronger, you must train it consistently, because it will not get stronger on its own.

If you want to develop your weight loss mindset, you must also train it, which is what we call Mental Programming.

The more that you practice training your brain, the stronger it becomes, and when this happens, you will be able to use your mind as a weapon to fight against any negativity from the naysayers, be confident in knowing you can design and build the body of your dreams.

Let’s finish up…


You just learned 3 Reasons Why You Must Use Mental Programming For Permanent Weight Loss.

Mental programming allows you to be proactive in building your weight loss mindset, instead of leaving it to chance, because it will not happen automatically.

If all of this seems a little out there in space, take some notes from professional athletes.

They are masters of using mental programming to achieve high levels of performance. They visualize performing well and what the outcome will be for each play.

They also use mental programming to compartmentalize, because they’re human beings that have real problems just like the rest of us in their lives off of the playing field, in which they must not bring into the game.

If you’re not using some form of mental programming to help you lose weight, then go ahead and begin applying what I’ve taught you in this article starting today!

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